Emerging use cases for Digital Asset Management

While the technology and discipline of Digital Asset Management (DAM) has evolved to meet specific needs for rich media management in publishing, broadcast media and brand marketing, it has also impacted other areas as well. Since Digital Asset Management has grown in prominence, its use has broadened into areas such as creative operations, heritage preservation, education and ecommerce. Many new trends have emerged, creating opportunities for DAM to deliver value outside these traditional use cases. Two of these key trends include:
  • Rich media assets are created more widely across every organization
  • Organizations discovered new ways to use assets to identify and resolve problems, improve efficiency and collaboration, and make better decisions

In the whitepaper linked below, you are presented with ten use cases that push the boundaries of DAM, uncovered in conversations with OpenText Media Management customers. From product development to evidence management, these use cases demonstrate the potential value extracted from effectively managed asset repositories.
Download the White Paper linked below if you’re interested in learning more.
Emerging Use Cases for DAM
Push the boundaries of Digital Asset Management - uncovered in conversations with OpenText Media Management customers.
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